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Bermuda Police Service


The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) offers 24/7 protection for the public out of their four main stations (in Hamilton, Somerset, St. David's and St. George’s) and their official headquarters in Devonshire. Dialing 911 is the best way to reach them in the event of a crime, but you can also contact the individual branches using the following phone numbers:


Headquarters (Main Switchboard): 295-0011

Hamilton Station: 247-1704

St. George’s Station: 297-1122

St. David’s Station: 293-2222

Somerset Station: 234-1010


Crime Prevention

There are several options available for people interested in furthering their crime prevention education:


Sponsored Talks - Members of the Unit are available to give talks to the general public and interested groups on any crime prevention matter whether the subject is Neighbourhood Watch, shoplifting, home security or of a more general nature.


Security Surveys  - Crime Prevention officers will visit your home or place of business upon request and give you written recommendations on any aspect of crime prevention.


‘U’ Marking  - Electrical engravers for ‘U’ marking your property may be borrowed free of charge from any Police Station. This programme allows you to mark your own property.


If you’d like members of the Crime Prevention Unit to conduct a security survey of your property or to give a talk on any crime-related matter, phone 247-1746 to make an appointment. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of crime prevention or to seek general advice, don’t hesitate to call them.


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