Phone Usage

by BermudaYP 4th February 2016

Bermuda Phone usage


Cellular Service Providers


There are a number of Cellular Service Providers on island which offer a range of talk and/or data plans (either prepaid or monthly) depending on your communications needs.


They offer a wide range of phones from popular brands such as Apple, Nexus, Samsung, BlackBerry, while supporting and providing service for their respective operating systems. There are also several stores that retail phones, but do not offer plans or service. 



If visiting Bermuda, you will likely be subjected to roaming fees imposed by your international provider, so it can be wise to purchase a prepaid SIM card from one of the  cellular service providers to keep your bills low (providing your phone is unlocked.). There are many cell phone towers scattered throughout the island, so coverage is good in most areas, with a few exceptions.

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