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Bermuda Waste Management
Bermuda's Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

Garbage Collection and Recycling


In Bermuda, residential trash and recycling collection is handled by Bermuda Government’s Waste Management section and is free. The exceptions to this rule are the cities of Hamilton and St. George – both cities provide their own waste management services.


Garbage should be placed curbside in lidded bins or plastic bags by 7:30 a.m. on your day of collection. Recyclables should be placed curbside in clear blue bags.


Bermuda recycles Tin, Aluminum and Glass and the programme is commonly referred to as TAG. TAG materials are processed at our Material Recovery Facility and either shipped abroad or used on island.


Bermuda Recycles TAG
Bermuda recycles TAG: Tin, Aluminum and Glass


Collection Schedule For Residential Waste And Recycling


West end residential waste is collected on Monday and Thursday *.

West end recycling is every other Thursday *.

West end: All areas of Sandys, Southampton, Warwick and Paget Parishes, and Tee Street and Kent Avenue Devonshire.

East end residential waste is collected on Tuesday and Friday *. 

East end recycling is every other Friday *.

East end: All areas of St. George, Hamilton Parish, Smith's, Pembroke and Devonshire, excluding Tee Street and Kent Avenue.


* Waste and recycling collection does not take place on Public Holidays


For monthly details, including holidays, visit the Bermuda Government’s Waste Management website where you can view and download yearly schedules.


Collection Schedule 2017



Composting at home reduces your personal volume of trash, reduces the amount of water needed in your garden, increases plant growth and replaces the need for harsh chemical fertilizers and pesticides. If you’d like to know more about composting, you’ll find details on Bermuda Government’s Waste Management website.


When you’re ready to get started, backyard composters are available for purchase from Waste Management for $80.00. Call 278-0563 or email to purchase an EarthMachine brand compost bin. You’ll also find them at several local hardware stores.


Other Services


In addition to household TAG materials, Waste Management also offers an E-Waste service and recycling/reconditioning services for a myriad of products including residential air conditioners, household batteries, vehicle batteries and motor oil. In most instances, materials to be disposed of must be delivered to a specific location. To find out what goes where, visit the Bermuda Government’s Waste Management website.


Keep Bermuda Beautiful


In spite of the myriad of free waste management options provided by government, Bermuda still has a serious litter and dumping problem. An organization that works hard to improve the mindset and landscape is Keep Bermuda Beautiful. The core work of KBB revolves around volunteers and other interested members of the community who participate in clean ups. Keep Bermuda Beautiful's campaign of monthly clean ups, trash-a-thons, community pick-ups and corporate and individual efforts total 25+ events annually. Hundreds of volunteers donate thousands of hours removing thousands of pounds of litter and recyclables from our environment. In addition, KBB partners with schools, PTAs, sports and community groups to promote (through education and awareness) the importance of keeping Bermuda beautiful.


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