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Cup Match
Cup Match | Photo Kansasphoto / CC

Cup Match


Taking place over Emancipation Day and Somers Day is also Bermuda's greatest sporting event and party, Cup Match. Thousands come out and tune in to watch a cricket match play out between teams from either end of the Island, St. George and Somerset.  Alternating by year at stadiums at each end of the island, the island virtually closes down to take part in this annual rivalry. Choose your team and your colours wisely and take part in the event with great food and drinks, play your odds with a game of Crown & Anchor, revel in the atmosphere or just enjoy the match.


While the stadium is packed during the match, you can also find family and friends spread all across the islands parks and beaches enjoying picnics, camping, the water and good times. Always taking place on the Thursday and Friday, Cup match is followed by a weekend full of other parties and events such as Non-Mariners. Cup Match is a great time for a vacation to the island, just be aware that the island basically shuts down for these four days, so most shops and establishments will not be open.



The Argo Group Gold Cup


The oldest Match Racing trophy in the world for competition involving One Design yachts. The Argo Group Gold Cup, formerly known as the King Edward VII Gold Cup, is a highly prestigious trophy with a rich tradition. It was the only King's Cup ever to be offered for competition in the United States which could be won outright.


The venue brings world-class match racing close to shore where spectators can easily see the competition. The tournament takes place only steps from Bermuda's prestigious Front Street shopping district and historic downtown Hamilton.





The quarter and semi finals are both 'first to three' elimination rounds. The two teams that survive these rounds move on to the finals.


The finals feature the top teams in a 'first to three' head-to-head battle to determine the winner of the King Edward VII Gold Cup. The Petite Finals, a 'first to two' series, is between the two losing semi finalists for third and fourth place. Also on this day is the exciting Match Race between two traditional Bermuda Fitted Dinghies; the "Contest" representing the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and the "Elizabeth" from the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club.




Bermuda End-to-End


As Bermuda's premier annual charitable pledge event, the Bermuda End-to-End is committed to promoting the happiness and well-being of our Island community through all-inclusive activities.


The Bermuda End-to-End is a registered charity whose efforts are coordinated by a volunteer committee with responsibilities for finance, registration, technology, operations, marketing, volunteer coordination, and safety.

Walkers and runners may choose between the End route from St. Georges or the Middle route from Hamilton. Both routes follow public roads and, wherever possible, the shaded Bermuda Railway Trail.


Cyclists, in conjunction with the Bermuda Bicycle Association, ride from both St. Georges and Bermuda College.


Kayakers and rowers, along with an elite group of scuba divers, also participate on different courses under the auspices of their respective clubs.


All events culminate at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Somerset. At the finish, they also host the Itsy Bitsy Walk for children on a limited course through the historic site.




World Rugby Classic


The Classic, which features former top players once again representing their countries in international competition, encompasses eleven international matches over the course of the Classic Week, including a women's international between the British Isles and the United States.


All the games are played at the National Sports Centre, the venue for the Classic since 2000. With packages which range from daily admission to the ground through various levels, culminating in the Members Tent (the VIP facility), the Classic provides a wide range of ticket prices to suit every budget. And for those involved in corporate entertainment, our Corporate Hospitality Village is considered to be one of the best in sport, situated right on the touchline, up close and personal!


The World Rugby Classic was first played in Bermuda in 1988, developing from the Easter Rugby Classic, an event which featured many of the world's top players from 1972 to 1992. As players left the international arena, mainly due to the whims of the international selectors, a void was created in that a stage no longer existed for the players to show their many talents or to inter-mingle with their fellow internationals from around the globe. Thus, the idea was conceived to bring back these players by providing them with an opportunity to, once again, represent their country in international competition.


With ten international matches in the Classic competition, a women's international as well as an international match involving Bermuda and the Caribbean, the Classic has caught the imagination of players and spectators alike. With spectators able to mix freely with some of the great names of international rugby in a great social environment, Classic week is an event unique in the world of sport.



Newport Bermuda Race


The Newport to Bermuda Race course is one of the most interesting and challenging ocean courses anywhere and depending on weather conditions the race can be won by big boats, small boats or boats in the middle of the fleet. The rhumbline course to Bermuda is approximately 162 degrees magnetic, the distance 635 nautical miles.


Starting off Fort Adams, Newport, Rhode Island, the first 15 miles of the race are in the confluence of conflicting tidal currents. The flooding tide generates easterly current west of Point Judith and westerly current east of Brenton's Reef. The typical wind direction is south to southwest although easterlies are not uncommon, and there is often a sea breeze for the later starters. Government marks guarding the reefs must be observed.





The first Bermuda Race was run in 1906 starting from Gravesend Bay, NY with three starters and was competed intermittently until 1926 when a regular schedule of holding the race in even years began. That schedule has continued to the present except for a hiatus during WWII. Beginning with the 1923 event the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club hosted the finish and festivities after the race. The Cruising Club of America has sponsored it in conjunction with the RBYC since 1926. In 1938 the start was moved to Newport, Rhode Island. Over the years the CCA worked with many groups to develop the rating rules that the race was sailed under. Today the Newport Bermuda race stands as a pinnacle in ocean racing.




Marion to Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race


The Marion to Bermuda Race is open to amateur sailors sailing cruising yachts. Participants will have the opportunity to compete in an open ocean passage with a group of friendly competitors. Sailing in this race is a life experience that can bridge the gap between generations, solidify friendships and foster teamwork, all the while promoting seamanship and the love of sailing.


While the spirit of competition flows as freely in the veins of Marion-Bermuda racers as it does in sailboat racers everywhere, Marion Bermuda is a cruising yacht race. It is as much about seamanship and the joy of coaxing the best performance possible out of a sailboat as it is about being first to cover the 645 nautical miles from Marion, Massachusetts to St. David's Head, Bermuda.


The Marion Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race started in 1977. It began as a friendly competition between two friends, one from the Beverly Yacht Club and Blue Water Sailing Club and one from the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. Little did they know it would grow into the world renowned event it is today. The event consistently draws over 100 cruising boats every other (odd number) year for the 645 mile sail to Bermuda.



Bermuda International Race Weekend


Held in January, this annual running festival is popular with locals and visitors alike and features many world-class runners. It kicks off with the Front Street Mile on Friday evening.


This is actually a series of one-mile races with categories for primary and secondary school age girls and boys, local women, local men and an Elite Men’s Mile. Saturday the feature race is a 10K which is open to both runners and walkers. On Sunday a Half Marathon and Marathon are run simultaneously on the same course. It’s a great weekend for participants and spectators alike.





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